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Pharmaceutical Assistance 
Contract for the Elderly 

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Are you age 65 and older?

Need prescription help?

With or without Medicare Part D?

Pennsylvania’s prescription assistance programs for older adults, PACE and PACENET, offer low-cost prescription medication to qualified residents, age 65 and older.

Based on a 30-day supply:

PACE       : $6 Generic and $9 Brand
PACENET: $8 Generic and $15 Brand

A significant number of cardholders pay less than the PACE/PACENET copays - in some cases $0.

You can be enrolled in PACE and PACENET even if you have health insurance or another prescription plan.

PACE and PACENET works with:

PACE and PACENET may help you pay your Medicare Part D premium, including the full Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP), and offer low prescription copays.